The Inaugural Seattle Street Food Festival 2013


This was the official website for the inaugural Seattle Street Food Festival, slated for August 10,2013 in Cal Anderson Park, Seattle, Wa.
Content is from the site's 2013 archived pages.

The current website for the Seattle Street Food Festival is:

1635 11th Ave
Seattle, Washington 98109
Saturday, August 10th
5PM - 11PM


The inaugural Seattle Street Food Festival, slated for August 10 in Cal Anderson Park, has an official lineup, and more details about how exactly things will go down at this massive congregation of trucks, carts, booths, and other up-and-coming food outfits—plus plenty of well-known chefs and restaurants.

Organizer Ryan Reiter, also the guy behind the Mobile Food Rodeo food truck gatherings, says the idea is to embrace all kinds of street food, from little booths like Beanfish, which makes taiyaki at the Fremont market, to heavy hitters like the snappily outfitted Barking Frog Mobile Kitchen. Reiter is still adding vendors, and says that brick-and-mortar joints like Li’l Woody’s, Stumbling Goat, Po Dog, Thai Curry Simple, and Marination will also have booths or be involved in some way. Keep an eye on the website as this evolves.

The massive lineup listed below will be on hand from 5 to 11pm, creating a night market ambience as the sun goes down. Admission is free (duh, you pay for the food you buy), though starting June 30 you can get a priority line ticket for $35, or $65 premiere pass that lets you skip lines all day long.

Then there’s the popup picnic portion of the evening, which runs from 7 to 10. Organizer One Night Only has recruited 12 chefs (final roster forthcoming but it already includes Joshua Henderson and Matthew Lewis) for an event that’s part picnic, part showdown. Each chef will make a street food-inspired dish and ticketholders can wander around this enclosed area, sampling them all and partaking of unlimited drinks. Judges will dole out awards for best in show, best signature dish, and most innovative. Just 250 tickets are available; they’re on sale here June 28 for $125 in advance, and $165 after July 11.

After the picnic, Ethan Stowell and Jason Franey are hosting an industry party until 2am. Hosted beer and cocktails will flow, and whole pigs will be roasted. Space is limited, so the first 100 people who buy tickets to the popup picnic will get an invite to attend and details on its whereabouts.

Check out the website on June 28 for more details and lineup updates. Reiter hopes to expand the festival to two days in 2014. Meanwhile, here is the street food that has been confirmed thus far.


Update 2021:

I have fond memories of the 2013 Seattle Street Food Festival. I was a senior in high school and was in love. The love of my life ( at the time), Lydia Jordan was really into all sorts of food. Her father was a chef, so it didn't seem to strange. In order to impress her with my own appreciation of food I took her to the inaugural gathering of more than 50 trucks, carts, stands, and other vendors that was the 1st Seattle Street Food Festival.

Jump to 2021. I now live in Melbourne Australia working at the Arts Centre Melbourne, a performing arts complex and the National Gallery of Victoria with its Australian and indigenous art. Well actually I am working at home since the city is in lock down AGAIN, due to the Covid 19 pandemic. I thought it was bad enough when we emerged from an almost 3 month lockdown in 2020 and actually thought that with the availabilty of vaccines in 2021 there would be no more lock down. Aside from work I, like a lot of other Aussies, have been playing pokies and other casino games. Every Thursday I go to another website that is an affilate for a number of Australian friendly casinos to check out the upcoming weekly promotionals. If you live in Australia click to see the page on their site. I enjoy playing pokies since it doesn't entail a lot of stress like playing video poker. I have my favorite pokie games but always am eager to try new games as they are introduced by the various gaming software companies.
Lydia and I parted ways as we headed off to different colleges, met our eventual spouses after college, yet stayed in touch as good friends. We try to meet at least once a year in NYC at an interesting restaurant she picks out when I visit the US on business. Obviously with the pandemic still making travel difficult, particularly in and out of Australia with its seroius travel restrictions, we missed getting together in 2020 and 2021 also seems like it might not happen at least in person. Instead, we did a virtual restaurant get together this past spring when I was able to snag a reservation at Anchovy which is probably the hottest restaurant in Melbourne right now, and she at Eleven Madison Park in NYC just after they changed their menu to all vegetarian. It was weird and fun as we discussed the foods we ordered and how we would rate each dish.

I don't know, in hind sight, if I would have become such a foodie, if it were not for Lydia and our 2013 Seattle Street Food Festival date. Maybe if would have happened anyway, but I like to think it was that first Seattle Street Food Festival that made the difference.

BTW: NEWS regarding the 2021 Festival Updates from their ciurrent website at
Due to Covid-19 in Washington State and in accordance with Governor Inslee, the Mobile Food Rodeo, organizers of the Seattle Street Food Festival have postponed our 2021 festival plans until further notice.




Screen shot 2013-01-09 at 12.09.53 PM

The Mobile Food Rodeo Hosted Over 30,000 People in Fremont

Welcome to the 1st Annual Seattle Street Food Festival! Seattle’s premier street food festival produced by the Mobile Food Rodeo showcasing the best local street food in the Northwest.

Last year, the Mobile Food Rodeo attracted over 30,000 people with 45 food trucks in beautiful downtown South Lake Union and Fremont in 2012 in just two days, so we are excited to be moving to a two day festival.

In just one year, the Mobile Food Rodeo is the largest truck festival in the United States has received press by some of Seattle’s top publication and media outlets, bloggers and food critics in attendance at our three festivals

The Seattle Street Food Festival offers local operators bring big crowds and hungry tummies directly to their door step to experience your curbside cuisine.

VENDOR APPLICATION NOW BEING ACCEPTED. Interested in vending this year at the Seattle Street Food Festival? Email us at snack (@) or fill out our inquiry form below. Thanks for your interest and see you this August!




12 Amazing Chefs Pop-Up For Charity in the Park | Line-up Announced

July 24, 2013 by mobilefoodrodeo

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 9.37.34 AM

The Seattle Street Food Festival, the mighty inaugural gathering of more than 50 trucks, carts, stands, and other vendors, is three weeks away. And while the list of participating street good folk grows ever mightier, organizers have released more specifics on the event’s other component: the popup picnic.

In short, the picnic is a separate, ticketed component of the event, and a collaboration between the festival and local high-end popup outfitthe One Night Only Project. Roughly a dozen notable chefs from around town (generally of the brick-and-mortar variety) will be preparing their own take on street food and serving it up as night falls in Cal Anderson Park. $165 ticket gets you in to sample plates like Charles Walpole’s ceviche with watermelon and toasted grains, or Joshua Henderson’s Southeast Asian-inspired crispy wings and chicken feet (!) with toasted garlic, spicy fermented cabbage with cilantro, and nuoc cham. Plus, you know, a lot of wine and beer and mingle with the chefs.


On the agenda for the popup picnic:

Charles Walpole, Blind Pig Bistro

Mike Easton, Il Corvo

Jason Stoneburner, Stoneburner and Bastille

Matthew Lewis, Where Ya At Matt and Roux

Manu Alfau, of the forthcoming La Bodega

Wiley Frank, Little Uncle

Carrie Mashaney, Spinasse chef, incoming Aragona doyenne, and Rising Star at large

Kim Mahar, RN74 pastry maven

Maxime Bilet, Modernist Cuisine coauthor

Brian Clevenger, Tavolata,

Kevin Burzell, Kedai Makan

Joshua Henderson, Skillet, Westward, Hollywood Tavern, Huxley Wallace et al.

Attendees and judges, including behatted chef Thierry Rautureau, will vote for the best dishes (categories are best signature dish, most creative, and most innovative). The winning chefs get a portion of ticket proceeds (as much as $15,000 in total) to donate to their favorite charities.

And even better, anyone who purchases a ticket also get the lowdown on how to attend the industry after party—a pig roast thrown by Ethan Stowell and Jason Franey at a private location that runs into the wee hours of the night with no admission for those invited.

The popup picnic ticket also gets you line-skipping privileges at the festival, know as the VIF (Very Important Foodie). The Seattle Street Food Festival runs from 5 to 11 in Cal Anderson Park and the picnic happens from 7 to 10.





July 18, 2013 · by mobilefoodrodeo

Food Line UpM

We are thrilled to announce our full roster of tasty street food vendors for our 1st ever Seattle Street Food Festival hosted in and around Cal Anderson Park on August 10th. Be it a food truck fan or an avid food forager among the locally abundant farmers markets throughout the city, you will find an amazing selection of locally produced and inspired plates to keep you fed all day long this year. This year’s selection includes a variety of favorite food trucks showcased at our annual Mobile Food Rodeo from Where ya At Matt, Ezell’s Express, Narwhal, Barking Frog and the irresistible gooey goodness that is Monte Cristo.

As far as carts and booths, we offer some of Seattle’s favorite local Capitol Hill haunts like Lil’ Woody’s Po Dog, Deluxe and Poquitos will be servi9ng up their own culinary creations curbside for the masses! Plus some of Seattle’s top farmers market finds like Bean Fish- Japanese Taiyaki, Mi Ranchitos Mexican Corn, Shave Ice, and so much more.

We plan to announce the participating food vendors (3) SSFF Menu items on August 1st and will be printed in our walking guide that is free at the event to find your favorite foods. Remember each food vendor will have one (1) $5 sampler plate to enjoy, allowing you to eat your way through the festival all day long.

This event is free to the general public. Stay tuned for updates on our Facebookand on Twitter fan pages.


July 24, 2013 · by mobilefoodrodeo

Seattle’s 1st annual pop-up picnic is all about people enjoying street food made from some of Seattle’s finest chefs at a summer outdoor evening picnic. If that doesn’t appeal to you, give me your address so I can deliver you a punch in the face.

On August 10th, One Night Only entertainment gurus Julien Perry and Melissa Peterman (in collaboration with Seattle’s first Street Food Festival) will be rounding up 12 of Seattle’s most beloved chefs to dish out street food-inspired fare. The pop-up picnic will go down in a fenced-off area of Cal Andersen Park, where chefs will compete for the titles of Best Signature Dish, Most Innovative and Best In Show (presentation). The proceeds go to the winning chef’s charity of choice.

A ticket gets you a fun spot for the evening picnic (bring a blanket if you want; the event will also be equipped with patio heaters and some tables/chairs), 12 signature street food tastes, and complimentary booze.

Here is a sneak preview of the dishes Wiley Frank/Poncharee Kounpungchart’s (PK) of Little Uncle and Kim Mahar of RN74 have in store for the event.

Wiley Frank/Poncharee Kounpungchart’s (PK), Co-owners of Little Uncle.

PK and Wiley at their Madison location

Why I love Little Uncle: When I am not eating yellow curry Dungeness crab, gluten free and vegetarian pad thai, and other delights at Little Uncle, I am thinking about eating at Little Uncle. I have been tracking Wiley and PK’s Thai eatery since their pop-up days at La Bete. You can find the duo splitting their time between their beloved take out on Madison Avenue and their beautiful new digs in Pioneer Square.

img title="littleuncle__crab" alt="" src="" width="546" height="400">

Their street food-inspired dish: “We are making an ice lolly with a flavor and garnish to be determined. We have a very cool lolly maker that will go toe to toe with any old thermal immersion circulator.”

Little Uncle’s charity: Green Plate Special - “They do good work and it is right there for everyone to see.”

The one dish Wiley/PK think people should try at Little Uncle: Khao mun gai (Hainanese chicken rice). It is very simple and some people don’t get it, but it is a dish that has nothing to hide and it warms our heart.” [Roll with Jen's note: If you try Little Uncle's chicken rice and still don't get it, punch yourself two times in the face]

Why Little Uncle is going to kick arse: “Food tastes better when it is on a stick.”

Kim Mahar, Executive Pastry Chef of RN74.

Photo courtesy of Julien Perry

Why I love RN74: People who love wine and beautifully-crafted meals flock to RN74. I head to Seattle’s Michael Mina outpost because I love both of those things AND dessert. At RN74, dessert is not an afterthought. Sweet treats such as the steamed lemon pudding and hand-cut beignets hold their own amongst  the steak tartare, lobster pie, and savory favorites.

Kim Mahar’s street food-inspired dish: “Bacon fat popcorn, griddled corn bread custard, WA stone fruits, lardon sprinkles, plus other street food snacks to grab on the fly. I’m going for a killer mix of sweet meets savory. Recipe testing is fully underway!”

RN74′s charity:  ”The No Kid Hungry campaign for the Share Our Strength Foundation. The Mina Group has been working very closely with this foundation for years to help raise money for this important issue. Last year, the Mina Group sent me to Washington DC for an event on Capitol Hill to raise money and awareness for this foundation. I have been an avid supporter ever since.”

Dessert at RN74 people should try: ”The crème brulee with popcorn ice cream, pretzel streusel and curried peanuts. I came up with this dessert when we hosted a beer dinner with the Pike Brewery. The flavors and textures are a knockout. Must try!”

Why I am going to kick arse: ”My team and I are really going to spend a lot of energy on the development of this dish. The greatest goal is to see people taking their first bite with an “Oh my God!” expression on their faces. Plus, I have an exceptionally talented team in the RN74 kitchen to help me make this dish a serious contender among all this talent. It’s guaranteed to be a BIG night!”